Principal's greeting

FUMI UTUMI Principal
On behalf of the staff of our institute, I would like to say a few words in greeting. Our institute is located in a place where the traditional Japanese atmosphere can still be felt. It is, therefore, a significant merit of this institute that our students learn the living Japanese language in an environment where they are also to experience Japanese culture and life on a daily basis.
Students attending TICEI are able to adapt to life in Japan quickly, allowing them to concentrate on their studies. Students are extremely impressionable at this stage in their development, and the opportunity to live and study in the wonderful environment offered by the Institute is one that will provide them with valuable life experiences.
The motto of our institute is, “Let’s study and live side-by-side with foreign students to help them fulfill their dreams”. Our professional staff offer a wide range of support to students at the Institute including educational support, assistance with adapting to daily life in Japan, and healthcare.
At the Tokyo International Culture Education Institute, let’s work hard together so that your dreams for the future will come true.Through Japanese language education, we are also happy to be able to strengthen the friendships between Japanese people and those who come from countries all over the world.

Introduction of TICEI

How is TICEI!?
TICEI is located near Asakusa, an area where traditional Japanese culture remains strong, and offers convenient access to the subway and public transportation networks. The Institute is housed in a 7-storey building, providing a sound study environment and range of facilities for students. The student dormitory is also located nearby, making it easy and safe for students to travel to and from the Institute.
(Left) TICEI is just a 1-minute walk from Kuramae Station (Right) Student dormitory located nearby
Information about local area
TICEI is situated in an area of Tokyo that is still alive with the traditional culture of Japan. The surrounding area is home to a number of cultural events that include flower viewing in the spring and magnificent fireworks festivals and other events throughout the summer months, offering students the opportunity to experience traditional Japanese culture and an ideal environment for studying real-life Japanese language. Close by is Ueno Park, a well-known flower viewing spot, and Senso-ji Temple, Tokyo’s oldest temple.
(Upper right) Cherry blossoms in Ueno Park just 15-minutes walk from TICEI (Right) Kaminarimon at Senso-ji Temple (Left) Students carrying a Mikoshi in the Asakusa Festival
About study
The experienced teaching staff at TICEI employ teaching methods tailored to best meet the individual needs and academic levels of each student in preparing them for higher education. The entry level of TICEI graduates into universities and vocational colleges is nearly 100%, with 40% of students continuing on to some of Japan’s most prominent universities including Tokyo Gakugei University, Tohoku University, Saitama University and Waseda University, and we are currently working to increase this percentage to over 50%. We also offer scholarships to students who have achieved good academic results and displayed an excellent attitude towards their studies at the end of the school year.
(Left) Students having fun and studying hard in preparation for university (Right) Scholarship being awarded to a student by the Director
In addition to Japanese language studies, TICEI also runs a variety of extracurricular activities such as bus trips to Mt. Fuji and trips to Disneyland to help students adjust to the culture and environment in Japan.
(Right) Group picture at Mt. Fuji
Student care
Staff fluent in Chinese, English and Korean are always available to provide counseling to students and assist them with any problems they may be experiencing related to their studies, daily life in Japan or any concerns they have about their preparation for higher education and future career prospects. Where possible, staff also offer students help in finding part-time work so they can maintain a stable living environment. Teaching staff at TICEI place an emphasis on health management and accompany students to the hospital if they are sick or injured. Personnel from the local police and fire departments also provide regular lectures and demonstrations on topics such as crime and fire prevention in order to ensure that students feel safe and can enjoy their time studying in Japan.
(Below) Student official providing counseling to students